Our Vision

“To innovate workplace wellness by creating a culture of  positive mental well-being within organisations and promoting open conversations between employers, employees and colleagues”.

What We Do …

The LaunchPad Academy CIC supports employers and employees on all aspects of workplace mental well-being.

Our background in recruitment, HR and organisation culture places us in a great position to give impartial support and consultancy to safeguard your future.

Employees and Individuals – The Launchpad Academy is passionate about helping you find a way forward if you’re feeling stuck or lost in your career.

Employers – We know employers fear litigation. Combining our professional HR expertise with our organisation development and career planning experience, we support and advise employers to speak openly with employees experiencing workplace difficulties, without fear or being tied to policy or procedure.

We offer outplacement services to employers and employees to reduce stress in times of redundancy and to build confidence in employees to secure new opportunities.

Who We Are … 

The LaunchPad Academy CIC is the “giving back” subsidiary of LaunchPad HR Ltd.  We donate 1.5% of our profit to The LaunchPad Academy CIC in order to support people who have experienced burnout, anxiety, depression or stress, who wish to get back into or gain employment, or start their own business.  

We are passionate about supporting people who have, or are at risk of burnout, together with those whose depression, anxiety or stress has prevented them from working.  We know that people and organisations put a lot of resource – financial, physical, and emotional, into building a career and we want to help people rebuild.