disc-circleWe’re all different, individuals, even unique; but, we can anticipate difference by understanding the 4 core styles that drive the way people do the things the way they do!


DISC gives us 4 core personality groupings: Dominant; Influencing; Steady and Compliant.

D-style – outgoing & task-orientated

I-style – outgoing & people-orientated

S-style – reserved & people-orientated

C-style – reserved & task-orientated



We deliver DISC in organisations and to individuals who are looking to improve the way they communicate and to simply understand why they operate as they do. We use DISC because it is one of the most successful and highly validated profiling tools around 95% accuracy and is worldwide.




DISC gives insight into how to make an impact when it’s important, influence communication to effect change, improve leadership, create collaboration within teamwork, develop productive and effective relationships and put simply, the ability to understand why people do the things they do.

Beverly tells us more via Entrepreneur Power Hour Podcast.




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