Go It Alone


... can be daunting, we know!  When starting a business most people feel excited, liberated, scared, ... and so many more emotions.

If you're not informed you can miss out on lots of opportunities for help and support.

We can sign-posting to support, as well as helping you form your ideas to start your new enterprise.

Our Programme - Go It Alone!

Many people consider self employment at some point in their lives.  To go it alone takes hard work, focus and a plan.  Reaping the rewards of being your own boss in terms of finance, job satisfaction and determining your lifestyle can be great, but it's important to explore your options too.

Go it alone

Our "Go It Alone" Programme covers:

  • A Hobby Business or Building an Empire
  • To Employ or Not to Employ
  • Exploring your skills to bring to the business
  • Am I suited to self employment?
  • Business Planning
  • Sign-posting to help and support.

As with all our programmes, we can deliver exactly what you need for your start-up course.