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Hello! I’m Beverly Sherratt, Director of Profectus, on Twitter @ProfectusBev. I’m a mum or, in Durham we say, mam to two boys and two Shih Tzus, Bobby and Lottie. I love sunshine so enjoy travelling, and adventure. My greatest adventure was to abseil from the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough for charity. The bridge was made famous in Aufwiedersehen Pet, when Oz and co. moved it to Arizona, much to the outrage of many in the North East, who thought it was true!img_7313


I am Director of a management consultancy based in County Durham in the North East of England.  Although we are based in the North we travel nationally delivering projects.

We work with organisations and specialise in organisation change, culture and developing behaviour based competencies.  We operate widely as strategic partners to organisations.
I work with people through workshops and on an individual basis to effect positive change. That can be when you are becoming “Stuck” or have reached the point of “Paralysis” and maybe come out of the other end knowing that change is needed to get back on track. Sometimes when we think everything is against us, the greatest potential is unlocked. I am also a Coach and NLP Practitioner and I work extensively with DISC – a psychometric profiling tool.

I know how to achieve organisation success through people. I’m passionate about coaching, developing people, and facilitating lasting change.

I am also passionate about organisations, their culture and people. I work with organisations to develop managers, leaders of the future to work collaboratively to deliver success.  I believe that people learn and take risks in an environment where they can be themselves.

Ambitious and competitive by nature, I strive to make all clients and client organisations the best. I truly feel organisation success is achieved by strong, clear and strategic leadership; managers who value people and success; skilled, developed and well staff; together with an organisation culture that develops clarity and vision.

I believe that sometimes we all need a helping hand when we lose our way. I value feeling clear and informed, together with honest communication. Honesty with ourselves, unleashes so many possibilities and potential. As a respected mentor once told me: honesty brings confidence!

For me honesty with ourselves gives us confidence to either seek the right support, or to take action. Rapport, clarity and confidence comes from receiving honesty, whether it’s feedback, advice, or support. To have confidence in a relationship brings trust and clarity, a lovely gift!

My current Top Tips is “Operating with Impact and Influence”, Why not request a copy.


Association for NLP Practitioners  DISC - Accredited by The Coaching Academy  DISC

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