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Our Peacock

Maybe you’re wondering “why a peacock logo?”

The peacock is a bearer of some of the well-regarded human traits, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we attempt to show our “true colours”.  

Myth, legend and folklore tells us the Peacock is symbolic of: Dignity, Devoutness, Direction, Leadership, Security and Care.

The powers of the Peacock is said to bring vibrancy and vitality to experiences. The Peacock is also symbolic of the spiritual Path, and is said to breathe new life into personal faith. We bring enthusiasm and passion into all our assignments and 1:1 work; together with a fresh sight and perspective to challenge the norm.

Seen to rejuvenate self-esteem levels too, the Peacock could be seen to bring balance and harmony.  If you’re feeling lost or stuck, we work with you to embrace your own potential. Working with us we strive to see you walking tall and proud as a Peacock too!

Ducit Positivum Progressionem Fecte • Development Leads Positive Change