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Our Work

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively to mirror your vision, values and strategic direction. Passionate about organisations and people development, we work to eradicate those “square pegs” in favour of well-developed staff, managers, and leaders of the future to work collaboratively to deliver success.



Working with you and your people!
We pride ourselves on working collaboratively to mirror your vision, values and strategic direction, involving your staff at all levels to determine YOUR organisation strategy, culture and behaviours.



Real change, transformation or tweak, should incorporate strategic goals and people within the business.  It is best achieved when it is collaborative and implemented through partnership with shared understanding and goals – Staff to Management & Management to Staff.



Our work empowers managers to lead teams with confidence and integrity, giving skills to challenge, and tools to innovate and enthuse staff development.  Motivating performance is key to attracting, retaining, motivating people, and delivering organisational ambitions.



Staff are the organisations biggest but greatest resource.  They are the key to success, innovation, customer service, delivery, whatever your vision, they are integral to achievement.

Staff need to be flexible, open to change, resilient, and able to communicate with confidence to adapt to change.



We use DISC in various aspects of our work, Leadership and staff development programmes, Organisation Development and Culture projects, and Coaching and Facilitation work.  DISC helps leaders operate and communicate more effectively, and to understand how DISC can determine approaches to dealing with workplace issues, and assigning roles and projects.



Coaching facilitates clients developing themselves, unlocking their potential, challenging the things that are holding them back, or simply needing a sounding board to move onto the next chapter.

It’s great to work with Executives, Managers, and professionals to help them achieve honesty, clarity, confidence and challenge.  Through Coaching we see our clients realise a new found direction and focus, celebrating achievement.


Ducit Positivum Progressionem Fecte • Development Leads Positive Change