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Let’s be Partners in DISC!

I’ve written this article to share my passion for DISC and to explain how we could potentially work together as Partners in DISC.  The article shares an insight into DISC but it also gives some hints as to how it can enhance your business too.

What is DISC?

DISC is a personality profiling technique that originated from the work of DR William Marsden. It is founded on the many years of research he did when he invented the polygraph (Modern Day Lie Detector).

Marsden believed people behave along 2 axes – passive or active, depending on the individuals perception of his or her environment as either favourable or antagonistic.  He then placed the axis at right angles to develop 4 quadrants to form a behavioural model – each describing a behaviour pattern. DISC - Outgoing, People, Reserved, Task

Dominance produces activity in an antagonistic environment

Inducement produces activity in a favourable environment

Submission produces passivity in a favourable environment

Compliance produces passivity in an antagonistic environment.


This gave us our modern day D I S C 

Outgoing - Reserved

D – Dominance or Drive – Out going and Task or project focused

I – Influence – Out going and People focused (Relations, caring, emotions)

S – Steadiness or Stable – Reserved and People focused

C – Compliance or Conscientiousness – Reserved and Task


I have found DISC to be invaluable for the following reasons:

  • It’s simple – people understand it!
  • It’s proven to be 95% accurate – everyone I’ve profiled say WOW!
  • It helps us to understand how we operate under pressure or stress
  • It helps business owners or leaders to increase or improve self awareness
  • Increases self knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems
  • Assists learning on how to adapt your own style to get along better with others or to appeal to your audience
  • Fosters constructive and creative group interactions
  • Facilitates better teamwork and minimise team conflict
  • Develops stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles
  • Helps managing more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members.

Ultimately being able to communicate in a way that the recipient needs to be communicated with. So, having greater influence or success with that person, or, to establish a great rapport or connection.

Opportunities for growing your business by Partnering in DISC

Partners in DISC


DISC in Coaching or Management Consultancy

I used DISC widely in my management consultancy and in coaching. I find DISC is an excellent tool for developing self awareness in management teams and for peer groups.  Increasingly I’m being asked by fellow professionals to profile groups in order to support the work they are doing in organisations.  Fellow management consultants are finding DISC really useful to underpin their development programmes in organisations, by using DISC to bring their programmes to life profiling delegates so that they relate personally to the development programme content.

We use DISC to profile staff to help in organisation design in new and developing organisations.  It is an excellent tool for getting the profile of the people in the organisation in order to match the culture and business needs, increasingly I am supporting fellow consultants with DISC to enrich their service delivery in organisations.

I’m also looking to support recruitment and executive search consultancies to enhance their services by adding DISC to the search and selection offer.

The work I’m doing in partnership with consultants, not only adds value to their services but serves to up-skill them because I think it’s important to make sure they understand DISC to take it forward in their work, so I spend time training and coaching all those I collaborate with.


DISC in Coaching

I’m working with Coaches and Mentors to enrich the relationship they have with the people they coach.  As coaches we’ve all been through lots of personal development that has raised our self-awareness, but, I’ve found DISC invaluable to understanding how I communicate with other personality types to adapt my style in order to get the best from the coaching relationship.  We all know that establishing rapport is vital in developing the coaching relationship.  I would argue that we can only do this if we are able to communicate with our clients in a way that they need; – to be “in sync” with our clients.

I find that offering DISC at the start of the coaching or 1:1 relationship can speed up that “getting to know you stage”.

Again, I’m working with coaches, mentors and 1:1 facilitators to support their own self development and also to profile their clients and provide feedback on the their preferences, in order to enhance the coaching relationship.


DISC in Sales and Marketing

Others can develop Sales and Marketing strategies much better than me.  I’m by no stretch of the imagination a sales, marketing, PR, professional, but what I do specialise in is communication using DISC.  It was on one of my open courses when a marketing person said to me “this would really enhance what we do”.  I’d been sharing a story about how a group of sales people were excellent at getting the sales in but were really struggling to deliver on complex sales packages.  I’d been brought in to help with their performance issues and to help structure the business in order to address their issues.  I’d also been talking about structuring communication in meetings or via written reports in order to maximise impact on your target audience.

From this event I was approached to help with the communication and target audience side of marketing and communications training.  Whilst I’d not thought of myself in this context, I soon realised there is a natural synergy with what I can offer to sales and marketing professionals.  I also have now adapted my open course to consider this exact issue.

So! I’m happy to collaborate with sales, marketing, PR and communications specialists, again to enhance our products.


Well – if any of this has wetted your appetite for DISC or you’d like to explore possible collaboration, why not contact me!

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