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Profectus 4 People Limited

We chose Profectus 4 People as the name of our limited company because it communicates Beverly’s belief, now strapline, perfectly:

“Development Leads Positive Change”


The Latin word “Profectus” in terms of people means having made progress.

The Latin translation also defines “Profectus” as, to advance or succeed, this perfectly articulates our aim to advance organisations and succeed in meeting our client’s expectations every time.


Our values are:




We Value Progress and Achievement


We at Profectus 4 People value people, and strongly believe in the capacity to change, grow, and succeed through personal development. We work with individuals to inspire a permanent shift, whether our clients wish to effect positive change in their working lives, improve performance, gain clarity and self confidence, or to improve workplace relationships.



We Value Organisation Success Through People

It is our firm belief that organisations succeed through valuing their people, developing a strong vision and culture that is clear to all, providing an engaging and healthy workplace where individuals can develop and achieve to deliver organisation success. We support organisations to deliver clear people strategies that promote organisation and personal development and well-being.




We Value Developing Managers into Successful Leaders and Motivators

We believe that communication is crucial to engaging and managing staff. Our experience evidences that people value honesty and clarity within management relationships. We support you to manage difficult situations to avoid relationship breakdown. We help you to make sure issues don’t take on a life of their own. We will provide honest feedback, challenge thought processes and instil you with personal confidence.


Ducit Positivum Progressionem Fecte • Development Leads Positive Change