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Go it alone



Getting a new job is so much more than having the relevant skills in the job description.  It is about understanding what you'll be doing, what it's like working there and knowing exactly how you'll fit in and what you can contribute.

Our employability programmes focus 100% on you,  your strengths, what motivates you and what you really want out of work.

Our programmes will really make you stand out!

We are here to help you form ideas, sign-post to resources and sources of help, support and funding.  Check out our "Go It Alone!" programme.

We'll help you to consider your strengths, look at how entrepreneurial you are and give you a great foundation to start your business with focus and structure.

With us you will:

  • get to know your approach to doing business
  • focus on your business plan
  • gain awareness of the competition
  • develop your routes to market
  • get networking support
  • have a ready made network
  • receive a mentor.

We offer a range of packages tailored to your exact requirements and the needs of the students.

We bring a style and approach that young people engage with.

We know what employers want from young people entering employment.

Check out our enterprise days for schools and colleges.