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Top 5 Tips – Selecting A Coach

Thursday Daily Topic My Top 5 Tips today relate to selecting a Coach.  It’s not all you need to know but it’s what I think are the main things to get you started. My top tips relate to sourcing a Coach yourself.  If however, your employer operates a coaching scheme through an agency or coaching […]

Top 5 Tips – Difficult Conversations

Welcome to Thursdays Daily Topic – Top Tips   Today I’ve chosen difficult conversations for my top 5 tips, inspired by Katie Hopkins!  I’ve not watched Big Brother for years but last night I have to admit I did dip into it! When I heard “I’m Straight Talking”  “I say it as it is”  I […]

Daily Topic – Beginnings

Tuesday 6 January 2015 Daily Topic – Beginnings   As you’ll see from the Daily Topics list Tuesday is my Top Seven Quotes day.  To welcome in the New Year I thought today I would dedicate my Top  Seven Quotes article to Beginnings. As we approach 2015 some of us will have taken a well earned break […]

Christmas Is Over…. So Let’s Take Action!

Christmas is over…. So let’s take action! I don’t know if you’re like me, but today was a bit of a struggle! Those festive lie-ins, spending time with the family, and work being the last thing on our minds – BANG!  5 January and back to work!  It was dark, cold and I really didn’t […]

DISC in our 1:1 Work

Whether… you’re a manager, new to business, need to sell or promote yourself, simply want to understand people, or you just want to know why you do the things you do and act differently under pressure …DISC will enlighten you!   DISC is an on-line profiling tool that gives you an eighteen page report to […]

Spotlight on a DISC Practitioner

  The focus was on me in October as I featured in on The Coaching Academy Website.  We were really excited to have a “Spotlight on a DISC Practitioner”.  I love DISC and it is the most simple and accessible tool I’ve used for clients and client companies.  People understand it.  It makes so much […]

New Website Launched!

Welcome to our new website. We launched the site on 17 September 2014 as the final piece in our re-branding jigsaw. Beverly gave a clear steer. “I’m looking for a website that reflects our work, our culture and values.  We need to be clear that we work with organisations and individuals….. But I’m happy with the […]