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Authentic Leadership

Digging Deep Aspiring to Authentic Leadership After a full week working with a client organisation developing aspiring leaders self awareness using my DISC introductory programme, this picture jumped out at me last night. I considered it to be a perfect validation of my week of work. Authentic Leadership comes from digging deep within, soliciting feedback and […]

Quotes Related to Clarity

Tuesday Topic – Quotes Related to Clarity Today I’ve chosen “Clarity” for my quotes of the day.  Jamie Smart has just published his book, the best seller “The Little Book of Clarity”, and I was captured by the simple clarity of the equation he uses to illustrate the point:   CLARITY = Capacity – Contamination […]

Quotes Related to Success

Tuesday Daily Topic – Success As I was writing my Daily Topic today on success @Entrrepreneur started following me and so I’ve quoted their Twitter statement as an introduction to this piece, it seemed so appropriate. Real success is finding your life work in the work that you love. @Entrrepreneur One man’s success is another’s inspiration. […]

Confidence – My Top 7 Quotes

Building Confidence To Succeed! Today my Top 7 Quotes relate to Confidence.  We are born confident.  Research says we are born with only two fears: of falling of loud noises. We understand these fears are part of our DNA and have become a tool for survival passed through generations. These inborn fears are to keep humans alive alert to threat and danger.  So […]

Coworking 19 March 2015

Colleagues on Tap Bring Coworking to Barnard Castle This Thursday     We are excited to be bringing coworking to Barnard Castle this Thursday 19 March.  You may have heard about it on Radio Teesdale.  Coworking gives people who either work for themselves, work from home or are part of a small business, the opportunity […]

Quotes Related to Taking Action

Tuesday Daily Topic – Taking Action Today I’ve chosen the topic – Taking Action.  I’ve chosen 7 quotes from the famous, teachers, inspired … on this subject. A few weeks ago I wrote about Dreams.  Dreams are the creativity that develop goals to take action to achieve our full potential or success. Some say actions […]

Top 7 Quotes ~ Performance Management

Tuesday Daily Topic – Top Seven Quotes – Performance Management Tuesday is my day for sharing my top 7 quotes on a given topic.  Today I’ve chosen performance management.  A topic that is always an area of deep debate in organisations. It seems to be some organisations do it well, others really struggle.  Staff view […]

Blue & Black or is it White & Gold?

Funday Friday So can you tell the colour of a dress when you see it in a magazine?  Surely you can tell the difference between Blue & Black and White & Gold! Well today it’s trending all over social media!  Just look at #The Dress and you’ll find it’s gone viral! Some people think we’re […]

Top Tips – Performance Management

Thursday Top 5 Tips Performance Management Thursday is my Top Tips day.  On Monday I looked at fairness and equity in performance management.  Continuing that theme, my Top 5 Tips today relate to conducting performance management reviews. In your organisation: Does every employee receive a formal performance review? Do staff meet with their manager to […]

Quotes Related To Leadership

Tuesday Daily Topic – Top 7 Quotes Related to Leadership Today I’ve chosen Leadership for my quotes. In a straw poll of 100 people I can hedge a bet that Leadership would be articulated in many different ways but have similar themes.  Whether it’s charisma, humility, conviction, stubborn determination to get their way, we all […]