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Blue & Black or is it White & Gold?

Funday Friday So can you tell the colour of a dress when you see it in a magazine?  Surely you can tell the difference between Blue & Black and White & Gold! Well today it’s trending all over social media!  Just look at #The Dress and you’ll find it’s gone viral! Some people think we’re […]

Funday Friday – Valentines Day

Fun Facts About Valentines Day   In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned onto their sleeves for one week for everyone to see. This was the origin of the expression “to wear your heart on your […]

Funday Friday Take a Quiz!

Fun For A Friday! Why not answer my six questions to check out your communication, impact and influence – It’s Funday Friday!   This is just a but of fun but if you’d like to know more contact us.  Why not have a look at our DISC pages too! Take the Quiz!  FunFriday Communciation Influence […]

Funday Friday – What Would You Say?

What Would You Say if When Advising Yourself? For Funday Friday today I’m asking you to think and answer a series of questions. If you were advising yourself at age 13, what would you have said to you when choosing your subject options? If you were advising yourself at age 16, what would you have said to […]

Funday Friday – Password Security

My Funday Friday Topic is Password Security inspired by a friend of mine who gave her Hotmail account details to a third party company. I’m keeping the topic short and light, but why is it that Passwords are the vain of our lives?  If we’re not forgetting them, they are being hacked. If we lose them we […]

Funday Friday! Can You Get The Answer?

Can You Get The Answer? It’s Friday ….. Let’s end the week with a little fun! I have a conundrum for you……. Welcome to Funday Friday! My Aunt Bella is a funny old dear, she’s very particular about what she likes and doesn’t like, for example, she likes grass but she’s not keen on her […]

Entrepreneurs and Business can be Fun

  Entrepreneurs and Business can be Fun Welcome to Fridays Daily Topic, Entrepreneurs and Business can be Fun!  This is the first Funday Friday topic in my five day Daily Topics.  So what better way to start the year with FUN in business and work. Since becoming self employed nothing resonates with me more than […]