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There’s Always Something to Learn

There’s always something to learn. We learn from every life experience, failure and success. I really believe this. So why is it many organisations spend more money on training rather than developing people, and when we’re self employed we either see development as a business luxury or we buy into vocational training or free sessions? […]

Top 5 Tips for Achieving What You Say You Will

Daily Topic Thursday – Top 5 Tips Today Thursday 29 January is the day that we all give up on our resolutions and plans we set at the beginning of the year.  Or so the media are telling us.  So!  Have you given up already?  What made you give up? For me it’s clear planning […]

Get That Perfect Job In 2015

Setting Yourself Apart in 2015 for a Job Change I don’t know about you, but from 1 January I’ve seen articles and heard people saying, “this is my year, new job ….”. The recruitment agencies are all out to attract new clients and the competition starts. So how can you set yourself apart? Job change, it’s all […]

Daily Topic – Beginnings

Tuesday 6 January 2015 Daily Topic – Beginnings   As you’ll see from the Daily Topics list Tuesday is my Top Seven Quotes day.  To welcome in the New Year I thought today I would dedicate my Top  Seven Quotes article to Beginnings. As we approach 2015 some of us will have taken a well earned break […]

Christmas Is Over…. So Let’s Take Action!

Christmas is over…. So let’s take action! I don’t know if you’re like me, but today was a bit of a struggle! Those festive lie-ins, spending time with the family, and work being the last thing on our minds – BANG!  5 January and back to work!  It was dark, cold and I really didn’t […]