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Quotes Related to Success

Tuesday Daily Topic – Success As I was writing my Daily Topic today on success @Entrrepreneur started following me and so I’ve quoted their Twitter statement as an introduction to this piece, it seemed so appropriate. Real success is finding your life work in the work that you love. @Entrrepreneur One man’s success is another’s inspiration. […]

Quotes Related to Taking Action

Tuesday Daily Topic – Taking Action Today I’ve chosen the topic – Taking Action.  I’ve chosen 7 quotes from the famous, teachers, inspired … on this subject. A few weeks ago I wrote about Dreams.  Dreams are the creativity that develop goals to take action to achieve our full potential or success. Some say actions […]

Top 7 Quotes ~ Performance Management

Tuesday Daily Topic – Top Seven Quotes – Performance Management Tuesday is my day for sharing my top 7 quotes on a given topic.  Today I’ve chosen performance management.  A topic that is always an area of deep debate in organisations. It seems to be some organisations do it well, others really struggle.  Staff view […]

Tuesday Daily Topic – Careers

Quotes related to Careers Today for Tuesday Daily Topic I’ve chosen careers.  Click the link for my top seven quotes related to “careers”  Quotes Careers Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a piece of work or interested because you are thinking about your career, I hope this interests you. Please contact use for any organisation development […]

Tuesday Daily Topic – Quotes Related to Tenacity

Quotes Related to Tenacity The subject I’ve chosen for my favourite quotes today is Tenacity. The dictionary definition of Tenacity is: “Retaining or holding fast, sticking stiffly: tough: stubborn.” “Holding firmly to something.  Obstinate and persistent.” It takes strength of character to standby ambitions, goals, or in the face of rejection or adversity. Click on […]

Entrepreneurs and Business can be Fun

  Entrepreneurs and Business can be Fun Welcome to Fridays Daily Topic, Entrepreneurs and Business can be Fun!  This is the first Funday Friday topic in my five day Daily Topics.  So what better way to start the year with FUN in business and work. Since becoming self employed nothing resonates with me more than […]