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It’s Good To Talk – Time To Talk!

Time to Talk Day Thursday 5 February 2015 Today I’ve chose for Well-being Wednesday a topic I’m passionate about, mental health.  Those of you who have read my articles before will know that I’ve written a book that takes us on a journey from feeling under pressure to clinical depression.  It provides humour but was […]

National Awareness Dates 2015

Well-being Wednesday My Well-being Wednesday Daily Topic is National Awareness Dates. I’ve prepare a list of dates from January to December 2015 of dates I think are key for individuals and businesses wishing to recognise and raise awareness of health issues as part of your well-being programme.  May be you’d just like to do something […]

Give Us A Break – Well-being Wednesday

Well-being Wednesday Give us a Break!   It’s Well-being Wednesday on the Daily Topics List and I decided to look at Breaks.  Taking time away from our desk to recharge and re-energise to be more productive and healthy. Click on the link for the full article.  Well-being Wednesday Give us a Break The Working Time […]

6 Bosses That Stress You Out!

They’ll Frustrate You, Flummox You, BUT They’ll Probably STRESS You! 6 Bosses That Stress You Out! Today I’ve chosen to take a look at the impact of leadership or management on our mental health. In April this year the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) reported that 1 in 4 of us have an […]

Well-being Introduction to Strategy

Welcome to Well-being Wednesday – Introduction to Strategy   Welcome to my first Well-being Wednesday, and why not start with a big picture focus! In 2010 I secured £25,000 to undertake a research project into the impact of organisation culture on well-being and mental health.  That is where my passion for organisation well-being started. Before […]