The Power of Feedback

Evaluating Our Products and Services through Feedback


In business it’s good to receive unsolicited feedback from time to time.  As we know we seek to continuously improve by formally evaluating our work, using customer satisfaction surveys and undertaking formal project or customer reviews.  So it’s lovely when you receive an unsolicited letter or email out of the blue that feeds informally into your feedback mechanism.  It’s also a great way to review the impact your work has had on other businesses.

I was privileged recently to be the speaker at Darlington Inspire networks 5th birthday celebration and to be able to take the female business owners through an introduction to Disney strategy as a business planning tool.  Unexpectedly I featured in the blog and the feedback was great.

By the end of the workshop we had all bought into the process and got something out of it.  Beverly was particularly proud that two friends had attended the meeting with no business and just an idea and by the end of the meeting they had decided to go into business together!  This, to me, is what the meetings are all about.

Disney in particular seems to have provoked a number of feedback emails whereby business owners have taken brave and even transformational steps following one of the strategy or business planning sessions.

One business owner operating from home has recently moved into brand new business premises which seemed a long way off before she participated in the session and began to look at the future of her business – where she was, wanted to be and could be.  The session opened up a completely new direction for her and has created the focus she needed to reach the full potential of the business.

Another client has recognised a new route to market for their services through “daring to dream” with Disney!The Power of Feedback

It’s great to hear what happens to businesses after you’ve delivered an open workshop.  We often get immediate feedback but can miss out on the impact we have on our clients which lead me to think about developing a longer term evaluation tool that helps us as businesses evaluate our services in a different way but also helps our clients look at the return on investment for the time or money they spent on a service, course, programme, or product.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this email me at subject: Impact Evaluation Tool.




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